Getting into and Out of a Car

Getting into or out of a car may be a problem for many women. Some cars are difficult to climb into because they are very small: it is also difficult to get into the back seat of a two-door car.

How to get into a car

  1. Face toward the front of the car.
  2. Stand as close to the open door as possible
  3. Place the foot nearest the car on the car floor.
  4. Slide your hips onto the seat and then pull in your head and shoulders.
  5. Lift the other foot into the car, holding your clothes in place. Do not enter the car head first; this would present your backside to your escort or to anyone else who might be watching.

The following variation may also be used:

  1. Face toward the front of the car
  2. Slide your hips onto the seat.
  3. Keeping your legs together, lift them both up, and swing your feet into the car.

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